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Crewel Wool Embroidery Thread - Neutral Colors

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Image of Crewel Wool Embroidery Thread - Neutral Colors
  • Image of Crewel Wool Embroidery Thread - Neutral Colors

The Neutral Crewel Wool Collection includes 8 different neutral shades which can be used for animals, earth, skin tones, and more.

The Crewel Wool Thread comes from the United Kingdom. It is a two-ply thread designed especially for crewel embroidery. Individual skeins have approximately 27 yards. A skein of thread will go far! I use the thread both single and double in the needle, depending on the amount of coverage of fabric I am looking for.

The thread comes packaged with a small wrapper with one tail end hanging out. Pull on the loose end of the thread gently and cut a piece about 25" long to stitch with. Keep the wrapper on the thread so that it will stay organized.

If you run out, you can re-order a set of 5 colors from me. See other listing. You must send me the color numbers you need in the notes section of the order. You will find them on each label.

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