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LF- Sunflower Gold Linen Fabric

 Linen is my favorite fabric to use for Crewel Embroidery. This linen comes from Europe and is woven in the EU.

You will receive an 18 x 18" piece of fabric for your pillow top or project.

The beauty of stitching on linen is as you poke the needle through the fabric, the threads separate so that the wool thread will glide through the fabric. Linen behaves different than cotton fabrics and is far superior (in my opinion) than stitching on cotton with wool thread.

This gold color is color of the end of summer garden - of sunflowers and black eyed Susans. It will be a lovely background color to so many of the colors of Crewel Wool I supply.

The pillow shown is a new version of my Circles Sampler Pillow. I painted the brown circles with fabric paint and then embroidered on top of them. You can buy a kit for this - if you want the gold color - please specify in the comments section of the order form. 

Center the design in the middle of the fabric. I suggest protecting the edges from fraying by zigzagging along the edge. You can also apply FrayCheck along the edge or wrap the edge in masking tape.

NOTE ON SHIPPING: When ordering multiple items, the total shipping charge may be high due to the design of my website. It is too complicated to fix this inaccuracy on my end. (I do not have the skills and it would be prohibitively expensive to pay someone to do this.) I will refund any excess shipping charges over a $2.00 discrepancy once the order has been taken to the post office.

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