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BOOK-Crafting A Patterned Home

Crafting A Patterned Home

Crafting A Patterned Home is my 12th book. This beautiful book focuses on handmade pattern design in the interior and exterior spaces of our 1751 farmhouse. The first chapter breaks down pattern design and teaches you how patterns are built. I also include a section outlining how I designed our colorful - full of pattern - home mixing fabrics, rugs, textiles, and paint. 

Written in easy to follow language, techniques include painting on walls and furniture, printing with stamps and carved linoleum, ceramic tile and plate design, quilting, embroidery, knitting, and crochet. There are 26 different projects that are featured both indoors and outdoors. I even "did up" two of our outdoor sheds with pattern, paint and color. 

Crafting A Patterned Home includes a full chapter on supplies that I use to decorate my  family's colorful antique farmhouse - including paint, fabric, yarn, threads, stamping and other supplies. My favorite chapter features how patterns are built and how you too can become a pattern wizard - complete with handpainted illustrations of pattern ideas. 

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Hardcover. 206 pages. Size: 7.50" x 9.00"

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You can watch a video about our Colorful Farmhouse and our family on the website HERE. The video tells the story of how I came to write this book. Check it out here

If you would like to know how it helps our family (or any author) when you buy directly from them, read this blog post called How a Book is Made and How You Can Help My Family. I give all the steps to making and writing a book and outline the financial logistics of v such a project.



Many might recognize Nicholas from her colorful retinue of knits (e.g., Kristin Knits, 2007; Color by Kristin, 2009). More recently, she applies her creative hues to embroidery. With this latest, the western Massachusetts crafter declares subtly that all crafts are her province, especially when directing home-design projects. Her thirtysomething patterns feature color washing and stenciling, other painting gigs, knitting, crochet, and ceramics, all with intricate directions and upfront notations about pattern, style, repeat, and techniques. Don’t skip to the designs. Start at the very beginning, where she shares insights on patterns and combinations. It’s clear, from the abundance of color photographs and her occasional sidebars on topics like Charleston, the Bloomsbury group’s English house, or Canadian folk-artist Maude Lewis, that sharing knowledge is the next best thing to providing colorful art. A worthy successor and companion to the likes of Brandon Mably, Kaffe Fassett, and Tricia Guild. Includes 20 pages of templates.— Barbara Jacobs

Review from Vogue Knitting Magazine

While some of us aspire to a more centered, Marie Kondo'ed life, the truth of it is we get attached to the embroidered dresser scarf we bought in Hungary, our grandmother's quilts and the vintage Persian kilims wearing to shreds on the floor. Because, as Kristin Nicholas, author most recently of Crafting A Colorful Home, understands, someone's hands created these objects -- and therein lies the magic. Lavishly photographed by Rikki Snyder, this book swings through Nicholas' souk-meets sunflowers home, offering guidance that goes beyond "put a bird on it" to "put your heart in it." That means taking a risk or two, like handpainting faux wallpaper when you think you can't or cutting your own fabric stamp. (Nicholas includes twenty pages of (templates) in the back of the book.) From knitting and embroidery to painting, stamping, even DIYing your own ceramic tiles, Nicholas provides the intel and encouragement you need to color our world with patterns. When you do, the environment you create may not be one of restful repose but of joie de vivre, where the creative, generative spirit vibrates from floor to rafters. — Leslie Petrovski

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