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CW - All 40 Colors of Crewel Wool

All 40 of my favorite colors for stitching are included in this collection. It is a basic collection which will get you going and includes important colors for stitching my designs.

My Crewel Wool Thread comes from the United Kingdom. It is a two-ply thread designed especially for crewel embroidery. Individual skeins have approximately 27 yards. A skein of thread will go far! I use the thread both single and double - sometimes triple in the needle, depending on the amount of coverage of fabric I am looking for and the stitch I have chosen.

The thread comes packaged with a small white wrapper with one tail end hanging out. Pull on the loose end of the thread gently and cut a piece about 25" long to stitch with. Keep the wrapper on the thread so that it will stay organized.

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