Kristin Nicholas Design


Ordering Information and Policies

My family and I appreciate every order that is sent this way. I hope you will love the pattern you are knitting or embroidering and the books, photos and cards you buy. If you have a problem with an order, please contact me within five days of receiving the order and I will take care of the problem. Please note that books, photographs, and patterns may not be returned or exchanged but will be replaced immediately if damaged in shipment.

Privacy Policy
I will not sell your name or my list to anyone or any business.

I do publish a newsletter once in a while to alert my customers of new classes or items I have available in my shop. If you do not want to receive it, click the un-subscribe button on the email newsletter you receive. Please be advised though that the newsletter is automated and if you purchase again, your name will be put back on my newsletter list. You can always unsubscribe again.

Everyone's computer monitor is callibrated differently. I strive for accuracy. Your monitor's settings may not match my monitor. That's technology!

If you have a question about any product, please send me an email and I will answer it promptly.

I ship my orders from the small local post office in a neighboring town. Our town is too small and doesn't have a post office! That said, it is a trip and I do not go to town every day.

I am a one woman show and I appreciate your patience if an order is delayed for a day or two. Life on a farm is very unpredictable and sometimes my plans get curtailed by an errant lamb that needs attending to. That said, I will not delay your order for very long.

If you have some kind of time emergency or special occasion you need an item for, please send me an email when you place your order.

International Shipping
If you live overseas, I will have to send you an additional Paypal invoice for extra shipping charges. Please be advised that the postage charges on books tends to be more than the cost of the book! It is awful but it is true.

At this time I only take funds via Paypal. It is very easy to set up a Paypal account and very secure.

If you want to send a check (which I realize some of you do), go through the entire order process. Write out a hand order and send it in with the check including the shipping charge which is automatically calculated at the end of the order.  Also, please send me an email that you are sending an order through the mail so that I can make sure I check my post office box. Send the order to:

Kristin Nicholas, PO Box 212, Bernardston, MA 01337


PDF Knitting and Embroidery Patterns

All of my knitting patterns are tech-edited by a very experienced editor. If you have a question, check on the Ravelry Patterns forum for the particular pattern you are knitting and the answer may be there. Otherwise, send me an email and I will help you. I have had barely a question about any of the patterns in the several years they have been available on-line which is a good thing!

You should receive your PDF Pattern within minutes of placing your order. If you do not receive it, check your spam folder. If it isn't there, send me an email.

When you open your file, immediately save it to your hard-drive using the "save as" feature. Name it a name you will remember. I suggest you set up a folder on your computer called "PDF Patterns" and save your pattern there.

You can upload the PDF to a service called Evernote which is free. I use it to carry around all my patterns on my phone. That way if I am stuck somewhere, have yarn and needles but no pattern, I can refer to my Evernote program and start knitting right away. Here is the link to Evernote.

Thank you for your business and support from everyone here at the farm!