Kristin Nicholas Design


I learned to sew when I was nine years old. Shortly after that, I learned how to embroider, crochet and knit. As an adult, I learned to make pottery, paint pictures, and decorate my house. Most of the things I have learned, I taught myself through books and following written or illustrated instructions. All through my life, the continuing thread has been a real love and passion for color and pattern. Along the way I wrote and illustrated some books on knitting and embroidery.

Thirty years ago, my not yet husband and I bought 4 Romney lambs from a farmer in Tunbridge, Vermont. We named them Putney, Frieda, Addie, and Betsy. My family and I now live on our working sheep farm in western Massachusetts - Leyden Glen Farm. We and our sheep have birthed thousands of lambs. Mark, Julia and I live in a farmhouse that was built in 1751 along with 3 indispensable Border Collies - Phoebe, Ness and Kate, and 9 farm cats. Outside over 300 sheep (they don't have names anymore) graze and pro-create, chickens peck, and our guard animals - a donkey named (what else?)  Eeyore, a llama named Jeremy and a Great Pyrenees guard dog - Winston, attempt to keep the wild critters away from the sheep. It's a circus every day. You can learn more about our farm here - Leyden Glen Farm.

I come from a family of girls - five girls to be exact. When we were little, one of our friends called us the Fabulous Nicholas Girls. I always loved that because we were the antithesis of what was then considered fabulous - we cooked, we sewed, we created and we were homebodies. Back then, it wasn't fashionable to do those things. We were so odd. Our parents were fabulous too - nurturing our creative talents. I now have a huge extended family and I dearly love everyone of them. They too have the creative gene. You can see many of my nieces and nephews on my Knitting Patterns page.

I hope my virtual pages will inspire to your own great creative heights. Enjoy your visit! If you are brave, come to Leyden Glen Farm to take a creative class.

You can see photos of our colorful farmhouse as featured on the Houzz website by clicking here.

I am the Knitting Expert on PBS's Knit and Crochet Now. I have appeared on Martha Stewart Living TV and on other DIY television shows on PBS and cable networks.

You can take virtual knitting classes from me on the CreativeBug website. If you would like to watch a short video of my life here on the farm produced by the CreativeBug team, click here.

Truth be told though, I would much rather stay home, make things, cook good food, and be with my family.


Photo of Kristin by Rikki Snyder.